10km Training Plan – Getting Round the Course

marathon photo

Your speed/sprint sessions should take place at approximately 85 – 95% of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), see Chapter 4 for a refresher on how to calculate this.  Your tempo runs should take place at 75 – 85% and your easy runs at around 60 – 75% of your MHR.  During your recoveries your heart rate should drop back down to below the 60% aerobic/anaerobic threshold.

As with the 5km plans, the first 10km plan involves just getting round the course, without worrying about finishing within a specific time frame.  It’s not as challenging as the sub 50 minute plan and will allow you to ease into the longer distances gently.  You may find it helpful to sign yourself up for two 10km races, train for one using the first plan and once you’ve completed the race and are comfortable with the distance, then you can try to better your time by using the more intense training plan.